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7 Important Screw Machine Fasteners Used For Precise Functions

The products manufactured using the precise functions of screw machines are termed as screw machine products. These items are used in applications that require accurate machining like those used in aerospace, military, marine industries among others. Read More

What are Thumb Screws and where are they Used?

A screw drive that comes with either a tall headed or ridged (knurled) sides, or a key-like flat sided vertical head can be defined as a thumb screw.Read More

What Are Captive Panel Screws?

Captive panel screws are the backbone of the fastening industry. They are used to assemble various products like panels, drawers, furniture, and more. Captive panel screws can be used to assemble wood or metal products. Read More

Brief Overview of Self-Clinching Hardware and Their Advantages

Self-clinching hardware like nuts, pins and other fasteners are used in thin metal assemblies. They are installed by being pushed into pliable sheets. Once in place, they do not fall out and form a permanent part of the final structure. Read More

RAB Components: When it is all About High Quality Fastener Components of Varied Kinds

Owned and guided by industry expert Mr. Ralph Barone, RAB Components has successfully completed 30 years of service in the field of fastener components of varied kinds. Mr. Barone, with his well-established industry knowledge pertaining to cost estimation, manufacturing, shipping, purchasing, etc... Read More