7 Important Screw Machine Fasteners Used For Precise Functions rfq

The products manufactured using the precise functions of screw machines are termed as screw machine products. These items are used in applications that require accurate machining like those used in aerospace, military, marine industries among others. Parts that have been screw machined provide better accuracy, and are more durable and cost-efficient.

Different Types of Screw Machine Products

  • Shoulder Screws

  • The shoulder is the portion situated in between the head and thread. In shoulder screws, the shoulder is wider in diameter as compared to the thread. The length of the threaded portion is quite small as compared to other screws. These screws are generally used in the aerospace industry.

  • Cold Headed Specials

  • Cold heading is the process where the head of the screw is produced in the cold state. This process results in the creation of flat headed, torx, one-way, pentalobular, and other types of screw heads. These fasteners are used to fit uniquely shaped components. These screw machines parts are used for their durability among other things.

  • Self Clinching Hardware

  • These screw machine products are used when there is need for a permanent thread in thin metallic applications. They provide durability and can be used in load-bearing machines as well. Nuts, standoffs, and studs are the commonly used self-clinching hardware.

  • Thumbscrews

  • These screws are designed without a shoulder. They can be installed and removed, with the force of a hand. Hence, they are not used in load-bearing applications. They display a ridged or knurled edge, which provides a strong grip when tightening these screws.

  • Spacers

  • These screw machine products are small in dimension and are unthreaded. They are used to keep components from touching one another. For example, they are used in the assembly of printed circuit boards to keep the layers from touching.

  • Standoffs

  • Similar to spacers, these are threaded parts that are once again used to keep components away from each other. They also provide support since they can be bolted into the component itself.

    Screw machine products are available in a variety of materials. They are manufactured using this brilliant technology, which not only saves immense amount of time, but also provides much-needed accuracy in even the smallest parts.

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