What Are Captive Panel Screws rfq

Captive panel screws are the backbone of the fastening industry. They are used to assemble various products like panels, drawers, furniture, and more. Captive panel screws can be used to assemble wood or metal products. These screws offer semi-rigid attachment, which in turn provides flexibility in layout of the application. The applications that use captive screw panels can easily be detached, thus providing flexibility in terms of design and operation.

Why Captive Panel Are Screws the Preferred Choice

Captive screws are preferred during installation because they do not damage the machinery and offer effortless operation. They can be installed with as little as thumb pressure, and many times don’t require specialized equipment for installation. A variety of captive screws are available in the market. Different shapes of captive screw heads allow them to be easily used with specialized equipment.

The semi-permanence of any structure using captive panel screws allows the user viable design options in the future. Since these screws are easy to operate and provide speedy assembly and disassembly, one can easily change the design of the application in the future. This also allows for ease of inspection.

When purchasing screws, it is important to understand your requirement thoroughly. Special attention must be paid to quality as well. Good quality screws are durable and offer reliable attachment. Captive panel screws are a budget friendly option for all fastener needs.

Capabilities at RAB Components

RAB Components, a leading provider of fasteners offers a wide range of superior quality captive screws. Their capabilities include:

1. Delivering metric and standard captive panel screws.

2. Thread range of screws varies from:

  • Standard Measurement: 4-40 through 1/4-20
  • Metric Measurement: M3, M4, M5 and M6

  • 3. Exacting in terms of quality. They only provide captive panel screws that are RoHS compliant.

    4. RAB Components can easily provide low, medium, and high volume orders.

    5. They also provide prototypes depending on exceptional requirements.

    Captive Panel Screws Available at RAB Components

    Other than providing standard models of captive panel screws and retainers, RAB Components also provides the following products:

    1. Slotted Captive Screws

    2. Unslotted Captive Screws

    3. Hex Head Captive Screws

    4. Oval Head Captive Screws

    5. Plus Retainer Spring

    6. Washer Sets

    RAB Fastener Components & Sales is dedicated to quality, quick turnaround time, and competitively priced products. You can request a quote here. You can also call at 1-631-539-4741/ 1-631-482-8260, or email your requirements at [email protected]