RAB Components: When it is all About High Quality Fastener Components of Varied Kinds rfq

Owned and guided by industry expert Mr. Ralph Barone, RAB Components has successfully completed 30 years of service in the field of fastener components of varied kinds. Mr. Barone, with his well-established industry knowledge pertaining to cost estimation, manufacturing, shipping, purchasing, etc., has driven RAB Components to great heights for manufacturing cost-effective and high-quality screw machine products amongst other fastener components. This viable and growing company is fully capable of providing best customer service and quality products in quick turnaround times.

Delivering Quality with Trust to our valuable Clients

Our in-depth industry knowledge and yearlong expertise has earned us established and qualified suppliersand logistic partners, who have aided us in dedicatedly catering to multiple requirements placed by a wide range of OEM companies and other industrial markets. Our products are extensively praised for their performance and durability, and are largely used in precision-based applications in industries like:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Locomotive
  • Off-road
  • Construction
  • Medical, and so on

  • Our Core Competencies

    When we talk about our core competencies, we can count on the varied specialty screw machine products that we provide to our clients to facilitate multiple industrial applications.The various types of screw machines items supplied by us are:

  • Shoulder screws
  • Cold headed specials
  • Self clinching hardware
  • Thumbscrews
  • Spacers
  • Jackscrews
  • Swage Standoffs
  • Standoffs
  • Electronic hardware

  • Why Do Clients Love to Work with us?

    Our clients from different industrial sectors prefer our services and products over our competitors for the following reasons:

  • We supply RoHS compliant products with best quality and high performance level to our customers, thus keeping in mind the international standard required for critical applications.

  • We are capable of supplying PEM® and Captive equals in all materials. We take care of both small quantity orders and full production requirements

  • We offer outstanding quality and superior customer service with our ready response to customers’ requirements

  • Our products and services are found to be cost-effective by our clients

  • We possess a wide stock of screw machine products and are capable of shipping them for immediatedelivery

  • We are considered as an on-time solution provider for varied complex screw machine applications

  • Our broad and in-depth technical know-how along with an impeccable team of technical engineers are quite reliable for their services

  • At RAB Components, we ensure that our clients are provided only with the most competent fastener components that are known for all the relevant and desirable specifications meant to meet highly significant and specialized applications in varied industrial sectors.