Brass Swage Standoffs rfq

RAB Components’ brass swage standoffs are another popular option within our standoffs category. A popular product used for PCB mounting applications, we design and manufacture these standoffs in a variety of types, styles, profiles, and finishes for various electronic applications.

Features of Brass Swage Standoffs

What makes our brass swage standoffs unique is the variety of choices we provide to our customers in terms of features. Firstly, we offer both male and female standoffs for your applications. The female standoffs can be used as individual pieces, or can be connected to male standoffs in PCB applications. We also provide standoffs with male and female ends on either side.

As you may know, the swages of these standoffs are generally offered as shanks or knurls. We at RAB Components design the swage shanks and knurls in different types. Shanks are offered as plain or knurled, while the knurls are offered as back, front, or facing back or front.

At RAB, we understand that different applications will require standoffs with different profiles. Depending on the application, we offer standoffs with hex, round, as well as square profiles.

While we have already mentioned brass as the primary material for manufacturing our standoffs, we also provide our customers other material options. These include nylon, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. For protection and durability, customers can choose from 40 different types of finishes.

These various feature options are proof that we at RAB Components can meet a variety of customer requirements. It also puts us in a strong position to create custom standoffs for your applications. Get in touch with our representative today for more details about our offerings