Male-Female Standoffs rfq

    As part of our large standoffs product line, we at RAB Components provide high strength and durable male-female standoffs. Along with our Double Female standoffs, our male-female standoffs are also a significant, solution driven product, and are widely used in electronic products manufacturing.

Features of Male-Female Standoffs

The male-female standoffs are popular known as jackscrews. They are similar to Double Female Standoffs in the sense that they are used to create spaces between boards and panels. However, the major difference between these two types is that the M-F standoff is used along with a swage standoff in computer applications. Some of the common applications for the jackscrew are computer chassis, motherboards, and various types of circuit boards.

At RAB Components, we provide our male-female standoffs in two basic types – round and hex. However, if requested by the client, we can also design the standoffs in square as well as metric profiles for specific applications. They can also be designed with swage and knurling features. Another custom offering is manufacturing the standoff with complete, partial, or no threading.

We provide the standoffs in the following high grade materials:

  • Brass
  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

  • All RAB Components are RoHS compliant. Our customer receive not only high quality and durable products along with immense cost savings. Contact our representative today to know more about our offerings