Metric Hex Jack Screws rfq

Jack screws are among the popular screw machine products provided by RAB Components. We supply metric hex jack screws in various sizes and materials for a variety of industrial applications.

Features of Metric Hex Jack Screws

At RAB, our jack screws are designed to enhance applications such as lifting, leveling, pushing, and pulling. They are designed to improve the efficiency as well as the effort required to use in an application. The metric dimensions also allow for improved precision in fastening applications.

As the name suggests, the jack screw consists of a hex head, which allows for enhanced tolerances when used in an application. The screw is generally supplied with a washer and nut for application efficiency. We provide bulk metric jack hex screws Packed individually or in pairs.

RAB Components’ jack screws are similar to male/ female hex standoffs in terms of design. However, the male jack screw consists of threading down the entire body. The male screw is available in a variety of lengths and materials like zinc and stainless steel.

Our metric hex jack screws are utilized in a variety of industries such as electronics, construction, manufacturing, and assembly. We have the capabilities to provide custom jack screws as per your requirement. We utilize a global network of experienced suppliers, who can help us source a variety of screws. The general delivery time for all our products is between 4 to 9 weeks. Contact an RAB Components representative today for more details about our offerings.