Shoulder Screws: rfq

When it comes to shoulder screws, accuracy makes all the difference, and RAB Components precisely delivers high quality screws at affordable prices. RAB Components, Inc. is one of the most prominent suppliers of premium quality shoulder screws on the market.


What are Shoulder Screws?

These screws are frequently referred to as shoulder bolts. They are completely different from machine screws and are constructed in a smooth shank top that is ground to an accurate diameter (known as a shoulder) with a narrower threaded tip at the bottom. The threaded portion of this screw is ideally smaller in diameter than the shoulder portion. The ridges of the threading portion spiral up the shaft of the screw and drive it into the matching hole whenever it undergoes a rotation. This is precisely why shoulder bolts are fairly differentiated from other conventional types of screws available on the market.


The typical use of these screws is in applications that involve rotation, locking, or movement of joints in linkages and mechanisms.


Shoulder screws are available with RAB Components, Inc. in good anti-corrosion ability, superior durability, easy to install options, and most importantly with RoHS code-compliancy.