Standoffs: rfq

RAB Components are premium suppliers of high-quality standoffs. These are essential mechanical fasteners used in different industries to keep the two components from contacting each other.


Standoff is basically a threaded separator that supports one assembly above another. Its typical use is in applications such as printed-circuit boards that help to raise the board above a surface. These tools are available in defined lengths and in different materials such as aluminum, nylon, stainless steel, or brass.


Standoffs are typically round or hex in shape, and are found in male-female or female-female forms. The basic standard forms of female standoffs found for PCB mounting is available in hex, round, and square styles, whereas, the male-female models are found in hex and round profiles. RAB Components can supply all these components in a cost-saving budget equal to ASM, RAF, Pic, Amatom, Lyntron, Berg, PEM® and a few other forms. Call us today: 1-631-539-4741, 1- 631-482-8206.