Swage Standoffs: rfq

Brilliantly Engineered Swage Standoffs

Swage standoffs are used to provide distance between two parts. They are generally used in stacked Printed Circuit Boards to keep the different layers from touching one another. The swage standoffs at RAB Components are available in a variety of specifications and types to provide maximum compatibility with other components. The right type of swage standoff has to be chosen according to the environmental and application factors.

Swage Standoff Specifications

RAB Components provides swage standoffs in standard as well as metric sizes. You can choose the type of swage that is compatible with your application from the below mentioned specifications.

  1. 1-Material Used

Brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel
(The materials available with us are RoHS compliant)

  1. 2- Shape

Round, Hex, Square

  1. 3- Forms

Male-Female, Female-Female

  1. 4- Body Length

Ranging from 0.031ʺ up to 1ʺ

  1. 5-Shank Length

1.9ʺ, 2.7ʺ, 3.4ʺ, 4.2ʺ, 5.8ʺ, 7.4ʺ

  1. 6- Depth of Thread

Varies between 1.8 to 5.3

  1. 7- Plating & Finish

Finish: Brass, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, No Finish
Plating: Chromium, Iridite, Zinc, Hot Tin, Electro Tin

The brilliance of our swage standoffs lies in the easy assembly they offer. They do not require specialized equipment for operation and assembly. Pressure applied via most machines like punch presses is enough to affix them into boards and sheets.